Ouran High School Host Club đź’‹”Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love”đź’‹

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About a week or so back I finally finished watching on Netflix the anime Ouran High School Host Club. I must admit when I first read about it I wasn’t exactly sure if this would be the type of anime I’d be interested in and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect of it either?? I was very surprised at how wonderfully cute, funny and inclusive this anime really is.


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Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran Academy, a fictitious high school for rich kids located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. … Haruhi’s short hair, slouching attire and gender-ambiguous face cause her to be mistaken by the hosts for a male student.

At first I thought this anime was one of those stories where the girl must dress as a boy in order to be excepted into this very prestigious school, but come to find out it is quite a different story altogether.

Basically the whole idea of this “Host Club” which is located in an abandoned music room in the school, is for these young, rich type high school boys who are too beautiful for their own good and have nothing better to do with their time then to lounge around and entertain the female students of this prestigious Ouran Academy High School. It is only by a very expensive accident that they end up bring in Haruhi Fujioka, main character, who they all believe to be a boy and take on a “host in training”, but find out later is actually a girl.

List of Member Characters & Types

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Hostnatural Haruhi Fujioka – The “Natural” Type

Hostprince Tamaki Suoh – The “Prince Charming” Type

Hostcool Kyoya Ootori – The “Cool” Type

Hostdevils Kaoru Hitachiin – One of the two “Little Devil” Types & Hikaru Hitachiin – One of the two “Little Devil” Types

Hostlolishota Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka – The “Loli-Shota” Type

Hoststoic Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka – The “Wild” Type” (“Strong and Silent” Type in the dubbed version)

I really enjoyed how each episode of this anime takes you into the craziness of the lives of these boys & girl’s life not only as “Hosts”, but also outside of the school itself. Yes, the boys have a thing for cosplay which seems to attract many of their female school mates into the music room where they entertain, but it seems to just be their way of having fun, letting loose and to just pretend for a while that they are someone else.

You find out through different episodes that each of the boys though rich and seem quite carefree actually have had or still have problems of their own. They all seem to take very well to the main female character Haruhi Fujioka who despite her hair and choice of clothing seems to become the person who truly bring them all together as a team and best friends.

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The boys also find out that though Haruhi lives with her father on the more “middle class” side, they discover that the most simplest things can be satisfying. I thought it was quite hilarious that the father is a cross-dresser, but also despite his appearance and the surprise the boys get when first meeting him, he is still every bit as a parent should be, loving, caring and always there when needed.

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And of course since this is a “Romantic Comedy”, it’s the “Prince Charming” type Tamaki Suoh who instantly falls in love with our main female “Host Club” character Haruhi Fujioka. Though the two of them are from completely separate worlds, it’s quite sweet how the two of them actually compliment each other very well.

Towards the end of the series I would say that she is the one true person that finally makes Tamaki realize that even though he is rich and yes was taken away from his mother who he loved so very much can be whomever and whatever kind of person he truly desires to be and not what others (preferably his grandmother) and father want him to be. I’d say she is literally the character that helps him grow in both his mind and his heart.


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So as they say in the end of each episode…

The Ouran Host Club will be waiting for you.

Host Club Members:
We’ll see you then.

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