November Boxy Charm = Goal Digger Review

Hi Everyone and Welcome all my beautiful readers and followers!!

Received my latest Boxy Charm for November and today I’m gonna give you my thoughts so keep on reading!!

This months boxes is called Goal Digger and even though the title has the word “Goal” in it pretty much everything in the subscription box itself has Gold on it or in it!! 😍😍 And I must say I absolutely love everything in this box, but I must say so far everything that I’ve ever received since February I’ve pretty much loved.


Cover FX – Glitter Drops & JonteBlu – Glittering Star Eyeliner

Boxy Charm says:

Cover FX – Glitter Drops

These ultra-concentrated drops of multi-dimensional glitter create a high impact, reflective finish that wows. This multi-use glitter can be used alone, under or over makeup, or mixed into your foundation or moisturizer for an incredibly luxe, glitter effect on the face and body.

MSRP – $44.00

JonteBlu – Glittering Star Eyeliner

Sparkle up your glam with Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner. This specially formulated black glitter eyeliner pencil glides on smoothly, leaving behind a long-lasting and subtle shimmer you’ll completely adore.

MSRP – $5.00

My Thoughts:

Cover FX – Glittering Drops: Omg 😮 these glitter ✨ drops are out of this world!! First you need to be sparring with them. I tried using as a highlighter and it looked like a glitter ✨ bomb 💣 exploded on my face lol 😂 I did try to blend with my BB cream and it worked a little better, but you TRULY do not need much at all!! 🤩🤩🤩

JonteBlu – Glittering Star Eyeliner: I found this to be a very unique kind of eyeliner pencil because of the fact that it has little flecks of gold in it. Surprisingly when I used it under my eye you can really see the gold sparkle a bit. When used above the eye on top of shadow it doesn’t show as well, but I still like it. 😊


Haha 😂😂 Don’t mind how bad the lashes are, I’m not good at placing false lashes on my eyes, plus working with small eyes is a bit of a pain…anywho… I’ve marked in yellow stars where the glitter drops were on my face. As you can see there is like an explosion of shimmer/glitter in the areas I would normally use highlight, hence the fact that you don’t need much at all. I’ve also got the eyeliner just under my eyes and you can see the little gold specks just slightly.


Ace Beaute – Grandiose Palette, Luxie – Luminous Eye Set & Lashaholic Lashes – Instagram False

Boxy Charm says:

Ace Beaute – Grandiose Palette

Featuring 4 shimmer shades and 4 bold mattes, your new Grandoise Palette has all you need to create unlimited eye looks. These eyeshadows were carefully milled and pressed to deliver intense pigmentation and easy blending.

MSRP – $24.99

Luxie – Luminous Eye Set

Add a little sparkle to your brush collection with this limited edition Boxycharm collaboration. The LUXIE Luminous Eye Set features 4 synthetic eye brushes exclusively wrapped for Boxycharm. The LUXIE 141 Mini Round brush is perfect for smudging or smoking out your lower lash line, while the LUXIE 121 Mini Tapered lets you effortlessly blend your crease color. The LUXIE 111 Mini Flat Angled brush lets you blend out harsh lines or pack on cream products to your lid, and the LUXIE 131 Mini Angled can add a pop of color to your brow bone or precisely place color onto your crease.

MSRP – $30.00

Lashaholic Lashes – Instagram False

Elevate your eye look with your new Lashaholic lashes. These 100% vegan falsies made from premium silk fibers gives your lashes dimension, natural-looking length and volume.

MSRP – $14.99

My Thoughts:

Ace Beauty – Grandiose Palette: This palette is so incredibly gorgeous, from the shadows to the packaging. The packaging, I love the black with gold trimming. Has that beautiful vintage vibe about it while the shadows are super awesome. The shimmers are sublime and the mattes blend so perfectly. So happy with this awesome palette 🖤💛 There is a little bit of fall out from the palette, but I don’t really mind.


In this collage I used some of the deeper / warmer toned shadows which I thought came out just a gorgeous as the top collage that has the lighter toned shadows. Either way used you can’t go wrong. 💕💕

Luxie – Luminous Eye Set: This set is so beautiful 😍 I love the gold glitter handles and Luxie is one of my favorite types of brushes. There just sooo soft and supple and they pick up the product so nicely. 👍 I also love the fact that where these brushes are smaller you can use them in more precise ways than a brush that is much larger.

Lashaholic Lashes – Instagram False: I love how these lashes have that bit of separation between the them which seems to make them more fluttering. The only thing was I had a hard time getting them to stay on, I think because the band, it is so thin. I’m actually wearing them in the first collage marked for the glitter drops.

If you are interested in would like to subscribe to Boxy Charm it is a $21.00 a month subscription which gives you between 5 & 6 full size products or you can go to the upgrade Boxy Luxe which is $28.00 a month and I think you can received more in the box.

If interested here are my referral link and code below.

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That’s all I’ve got for today!!

Thank you for reading, please leave a like, comment if you’ve tried any of these products and hope you will follow for more posts to come.





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