Peppermint Rose Toner(real rose petals) from Pink Beauty Organic Skin Care Review

Hey all my beautiful beauties!!

Yeah…I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. It seems like just after October when the holidays start approaching I become a little more busier and don’t get the chance to write, but I’m back and hoping to at least write once a week or every other.

Today I’m talking about this fantastic Peppermint Rose Toner with real rose petals in it from Pink Beauty Organic Skin Care.

Info from website: 

This stunning toner will brighten & tighten your skin in a single spritz. The strong anti aging & restorative properties found in the green tea & the proven results from the organic compound, DMAE bitartrate make this product the all time best toner for aging and or dull skin.

Made from organic roses to balance ph, peppermint to brighten & cool the skin concentrated green & peppermint tea to restore skins dna, DMAE to tighten skin, pure vitamin C to brighten & glycerin to smooth the skin.

Home Grown dried Rose Petals (possible sediment is normal)

Peppermint green tea (rebuilds skins cells)

DMAE bitartrate (10% clinically proven to tighten skin)

MSM (10% clinically proven to reduce aging-Methylsulfonylmethane)

Peppermint Oil (calming, softening, toning and anti-inflammatory)

Home Grown Distilled Rosewater (to reduce redness, soften & reduces lines)

Vegetable Glycerin (makes skin soft and supple)

Citric acid (brightens and lightens skin)

Here are my thoughts:

I’ve been using this toner now for I’d say at least a week and a 1/2 and I must say I’m totally loving this product. I purchased the 3oz and as you can see from the pictures above it loos like it has barely been touched and yet I’ve used it every night since I received it.

I’ll usually spray about 3 times, once on either side of my face and then my neck, pat with my fingers a bit and then let the rest air dry. All products are made by the owner, they are cruelty free and vegan. As you can see from above she also lists all ingredients used in each of her products.

As a result I can actually feel the toner tightening on my face and neck, but it’s very suttle so you don’t feel like your skin is getting so incredibly tight that you can’t move…it’s not like that at all which is really nice and comfortable in my opinion.

The spray itself has a nice even spritz to it and not only is it plastic so if it drops it won’t shatter everywhere, but this particular size is even good for carrying, especially if your going away. I also love that it’s got that pink touch to it!!

The scent is really subtle as well. When I first received it I wondered whether the peppermint would be overpowering, but actually it’s very lovely and you can smell more of the roses, plus she also adds petals to it which is even better!! Such a lovely touch.

All her products are priced very reasonably along with shipping. You all should totally checkout @pinkbeauty_organicskincare website from her Instagram page!! If you haven’t already and believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed and if you have a question she will totally get back to you.

I’m sorry I was unable to post links into this post. I’m trying out the new “editing” and for some strange reason links just aren’t posting properly for me, but if you go to her Instagram page you can click on her link or Google pink beauty organic skincare and her page should pop up for you.

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5 thoughts on “Peppermint Rose Toner(real rose petals) from Pink Beauty Organic Skin Care Review

    1. You totally should!! If you have an IG page you can look up her @name and her website link is there. Unfortunately I was trying this new “editing” the site is working on and I couldn’t get the links to work for me so I couldn’t put any links in!! 😦


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