December Empties Review

Hi all my Beauties and Welcome!!

It’s time for the empties and today I have both makeup and beauty products to talk about. So let’s not waste anytime and get right to it!!


And here are my first 3 items!!

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brigher Argan Nut Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

This product I originally got when I first started on a site called BzzAgent back in 2016 I believe it was. See link here

It’s free to join and as long as you keep active and keep your score high and participate in the activities you get free products to try out. The Garnier SkinActive was the first product I actually ended up getting…the only product I got…that’s another story. LOL!!

I really liked how well this cleanser worked, it had a very light scent of oranges and argon oil to it. The cleanser did such an excellent job of exfoliating, but I didn’t find to be abrasive in any way and would leave my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed. Also has NO Oil, Parabens or Plastic micro-beads. I’ve tried to find this in stores, but I’ve had no luck since I got this…bummer.

Rate: 5/5 – Would definitely purchase if I could find it.

Mario Baescu Skin Care Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

I think I purchased this last year from Amazon and it’s finally come down to it’s ending. See link here the 4fl. oz. is only $7.00 & free shipping. I also did a full blog review MARIO BADESCU Skin Care facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater Review

I used this facial spray mainly as a setting spray after I did my makeup. I just loved how cooling and refreshing it made my face feel after spraying it all over. The aloe always left my face feeling cooled down which the herbs and rosewater gave the spray a nice floral scent. Towards the end of it’s life I started using it just after I got out of the shower to cool my face down and give it that fresh feel.

It’s Cruelty & Paraben Free and can be used on hair, face and skin.

Rate: 5/5 – At some point I will repurchase this again or one of the other scents.

AOA Studio Perfect BB Cream

This bb cream is probably the only bb cream I will ever use. I purchased it from Shop Miss A see link here for only a $1.00 and $3.95 shipping how can you go wrong!! I also did a full blog review AOA Studio Perfect BB Cream & Setting Powder

This bb cream comes in 6 shades. I chose the AOA-025 Fair. I’d place this around my face in little dots and use my beauty blender and it would work so perfectly with my skin. It’s light weight so you can barely feel it on your skin and absorbed fairly quickly. If you wanted a higher coverage you’d probably just need a second coating.

I loved that it would leave my skin almost flawless looking, it only cost a $1.00 and they are Cruelty Free which is something I’m working on trying to be more aware of this year and the come years ahead if possible.

Rate: 5/5 – Yes I would repurchase, actually already on it’s way to me!!


Phytoswiss Cosmeceuticals Eye Contour Serum

This eye serum I originally received as a full set of products free to test out and then blog about later. Here is the full blog post PHYTO SWISS COSMECEUTICALS Review also see link here if you are interested in purchasing.

So I really did like this serum and my husband did too. I felt that it help to not only wake up my eyes in the way of soothing away any tiredness or bags, but also brightened and helped smooth the fine lines. The unfortunate part is the larger product is very expensive and the 3 full sample sets range from $74.99 to $99.99.

Rate: 4/5 – at a whopping $54.00 + shipping I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.

AOA Go Brow Mascara

First off I really like brow mascaras because I like a much more natural look than using a pencil or a cream. I find sometimes it looks too fake, unless it’s done right. Sometimes I will gravitate towards pencils or creams, but not too often. See link here

This AOA Go Brow Mascara has been a totally yes and must have. I use the this in the color Taupe which works perfectly with my brows and makes them look dark enough, while nicely groomed and natural. It’s also a much easier application.

Also this is another one that is only a $1.00 along with Cruelty Free.

Rate: 5/5 – And yes I’ve already got another one at hand!!

Aurora x Ipsy Pro Cover-Up Concealer

This was a product in one of my Ipsy subscriptions I had received before I cancelled with them. So I think I may have received this back in 2016 sometime. See link here

So on this one I couldn’t get an exact link, but I do see that they have concealers in 12 different shades for only $8.00 which is pretty darn good and according to Google they are vegan and Cruelty Free!!

For me I got the shade #50 Pale Ecru which I found it to be more of a light yellowish color which I actually started using on my lids to enhance my eyeshadows after I found out that using concealer works to bring out the brightness of your eyeshadows.

I don’t use concealer on my face really at all. I just find it’s not only one more thing to add on, but I don’t like my face feeling too heavy and packed with too many products.

Rate: 4/5 – Maybe…I can’t purchase this particular one because it looks like it was a collaboration between Ipsy and Aurora Cosmetics, but I would possibly purchase what they have on their website.

Thank you for reading!! Please leave a like, comment your thoughts and hope you will follow for more posts to come every Friday now!!

Have a Fantastic Day!!




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